renewable energy

Renewable Energy

GaiaQuest’s Renewable Energy Programs will introduce a wide variety of solutions including emerging technologies. Many clean and affordable Renewable Energy solutions are now available that show great promise to replace existing non-renewable “dirty” energy sources that contribute substantially to Climate Change and Global Warming such as oil, gas and coal. The opposition to Renewable Energy claims a false myth that clean Renewable Energy solutions cannot provide the continuous 24/7 power supply due to the problem of intermittency that prevents wind and solar from continuously contributing to the grid the same way that gas, coal and nuclear can. Fact is, renewable energy solutions can provide clean continuous 24/7 power if they include available companion technology that provides required backup energy when renewable sources such as solar and wind are not available online.

As an example, for one of our demonstration projects, GaiaQuest has identified a single solar collector device that can be configured to provide three different solutions; including one for providing electricity, a second for splitting water (including waste water) into hydrogen and oxygen and a third for treating sewage & purifying water. With this combination, the solar collection field can generate hydrogen and electricity simultaneously, providing a hydrogen sourced power backup to solve the problem of intermittency when the sun is not available.

Another affordable example uses community-scale containerized liquid metal battery solutions that provide up to 2 Megawatts of storage per container (equivalent to the electrical needs of 200 American households). Imagine a silent, emissions-free scalable battery solution designed with no moving parts that competes at a market rate price point without subsidy. For a more complete and inspiring introduction to this technology please take a look at the following TED Talk by Donald Sadoway titled “the missing link to renewable energy”.