about us

About Us

We are a fast growing international team of interdisciplinary professionals on a mission to manifest sustainable Global Health, Well-Being and related Wise Action within ourselves, others, communities and the natural environment – everywhere on earth. For this purpose we have created the international non-profit GaiaQuest Center for Global Health and Well-Being.

So far, our US based initiative has attracted support from people in Belize, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and the US. To meet our international objectives, we look forward to growing our GaiaQuest community to include active members from as many countries as possible.



Environmentally Conscious Planning, Design & Development


Comet Studios operates as a consortium of highly skilled independent professionals and resources, managed by a lean and highly-experienced professional core management group.  For every Client, we provide an efficient professional Project Team that is custom tailored to fully meet and exceed each of our Client’s unique needs, requirements and expectations.

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