science & techonology

Science & Technology

GaiaQuest’s Science and Technology programs will offer education, demonstrations and forums for sharing and promoting a full spectrum of sustainable earth-friendly science and technology practices and solutions needed to achieve Global Health and Well-Being – in a manner that addresses serious global issues such as Climate Change and Global Warming.

Some primary topics for this program include environmental sciences, ecology & biodiversity, energy, agriculture & food production, transportation, buildings, industry, eco-community planning & development, sustainable “green” building technologies and renewable energy solutions.

Providing an example of how Global Health can be achieved, the following TED Talk “A 40-year plan for energy” by Amory Lovins shares how the US can get off oil and coal by 2050 in a manner that is $5 trillion cheaper, with no Act of Congress, led by business for profit. Mr. Lovins suggests that this can be accomplished by integrating all four energy-using sectors and four kinds of innovation.