GaiaQuest Eco-Communities

Our international GaiaQuest Center for Global Health and Well-Being has been thoughtfully conceived to provide a wide variety of Global Health and Well-Being Programs, Education, Products, Services and Resources that collectively promote and support a regeneratively sustainable future hosted at eco-community Permaculture demonstration centers. GaiaQuest is presently working on the planning and development of three centers and a variety of related eco-community projects.

      • GaiaQuest’s original center was created at Aldea de Santa Fe, a unique new urbanist mixed-use community located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. At this location, GaiaQuest had designed and promoted a variety of local Eco-Community Permaculture projects, including a regeneratively sustainable master plan solution needed to successfully develop the failed commercial center that Aldea’s developer left behind when they sold out.
      • GaiaQuest’s second demonstration center has been conceived as agrihood center to promote and provide regeneratively sustainable Permaculture and Permatecture solutions for recreation oriented Taos Community. This center will be located at Tarleton Ranch Eco-community, a new eco-resort community demonstration project located in the north region of Taos, New Mexico. GaiaQuest helped master plan this project.
      • Serving the global community anywhere in the world with an internet connection, GaiaQuest’s third center is being developed as a virtual “online” eco-community center.

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