Introduction to GaiaQuest

Welcome to GaiaQuest, a non-profit Center for Global Health & Well-Being located in the Land of Enchantment area of northern New Mexico in America, and available online internationally at GaiaQuest’s international consortium provides regeneratively-sustainable Global Health and Well-Being solutions, primarily by creating exciting localized Eco-Lifestyle education opportunities, Eco-Community demonstration projects and localized Wise Action for ourselves, other people, organizations, communities and the natural environment – from a global perspective.

We believe such Wise Action must completely reshape Humanity’s relationship with the natural environment in an expedient manner that replaces Humanity’s existing ecologically-destructive footprint with a sustainable ecologically-regenerative footprint that’s within Earth’s carrying capacity. We also believe that Humanity needs to expediently create global network of localized Eco-Lifestyle education Centers and related demonstration Eco-Community projects to help educate people about how to achieve this important goal as quickly as possible.

To help make this happen, GaiaQuest is presently master planning the Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village as our next new urbanist eco-community project and permaculture education center that will soon to be developed as an environmentally responsible evolution of an old 450 acre working ranch located in Taos, New Mexico. A thoughtful variety of homes and businesses will be clustered around 200 acres of agriculturally zoned bottom land open space, to be preserved for a combination natural ecosystem restoration, regeneratively-sustainable permaculture farming and recreation uses. 

Time is of the essence to create such Global Health & Well-Being projects. Humanity has but a few decades left to reverse and eliminate the prevailing environmentally-destructive consumption oriented paradigm of unsustainable globalized industry, non-renewable energy reliance, industrialized agriculture, fossil fuel based transportation, fragmented communities, unfulfilling lifestyles, natural resource abuse, broken food systems, massive environmental degradation and unsustainable globalized “Brown” Economics based business practices.

At GaiaQuest, we believe that Humanity’s prevailing worn out ecologically-impoverished paradigm can be quickly replaced with a new paradigm of responsible Earth Stewardship that a growing number of people around the planet are diligently building together via a growing matrix of global connections provided by the information age. This new Earth Stewardship Paradigm offers exciting Earth-friendly Permaculture solutions that include regeneratively-sustainable Eco-Communities, Green Industry, Renewable Energy, Food Forest Agriculture with fertile live soils, abundant Clean Water, Healthy Food abundance, Eco-Lifestyles of Well-Being and more. Collectively, these solutions provide a solid localized foundation for an exciting new era of regeneratively-sustainable “Green” Economics.

Provided with the appropriate education and resources, Humanity can eliminate and solve serious global crisis problems that everyone on Earth faces today with regeneratively-sustainable “Permaculture Science” based solutions. Such solutions value, protect, restore and enhance our planet’s fragile biodiversity, ecosystems, vital resources and related synergies that all life systems on Earth depend on for present and future generation survival and well-being.

With Gratitude, our GaiaQuest team sincerely thanks you for visiting our website. We hope you will take time for a tour of the pages and content that this site offers. If you have any questions or would like more information about GaiaQuest, our programs, services and our regeneratively sustainable investment opportunities, please contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

John Edmund Halley
GaiaQuest Founder & Managing Director

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