GaiaQuest programs

GaiaQuest Programs

GaiaQuest Programs will offer a unique integrative experience and vision of Global Heath and Well-Being that is based on localized application of holistic systems thinking supported by global collaboration. All of our Programs will be integrated with one another and created from a very unique comprehensive matrix of disciplines and modalities.

Following is a partial introductory list of GaiaQuest’s anticipated comprehensive programs and modalities:

      • Community Awareness
      • Creative Arts, Entertainment and Culture
      • Eco-Community Planning and Development
      • Education for all ages with a full spectrum of disciplines and modalities
      • Environmental Awareness, Sustainability and Stewardship
      • Exciting Eco-Lifestyles that promote sustainable Happiness and Well-Being
      • Fitness, Recreation and Training
      • Food Systems, Nutrition and Culinary Arts – including Sustainable and Regenerative Food Systems, Nutrition, Diet and Holistic Culinary Arts.
      • “Green” Economics and Sustainable Business Practices
      • Personal Growth and Well-Being – including Massage/Body Work, Holistic & Metaphysical therapies, Spiritual Alchemy, Conventional Medicine & Therapies, Transformative Counseling, Confidence Training, Detox & Substance Abuse Rehabilitation and more.
      • Science and Technology