Taos Center

GaiaQuest Center in Taos

Providing and demonstrating the ultimate eco-community experience where people get the most out of life as happy healthy environmentally-responsible stewards!

Thoughtfully master planned to help grow year-round prosperity and regenerative sustainability for Taos area, the GaiaQuest Taos Center will be seamlessly integrated into the Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village, composed of single family eco-homes, eco-townhouses, commercial properties and demonstration greenhouses within a setting of regeneratively sustainable demonstration Permaculture landscaping and gardens.

Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village offers the most exciting sustainable lifestyle available anywhere.

GaiaQuest’s Center at Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village will be seamlessly integrated into the Permatecture Eco-Community development.

In the early development stage, this project will be launched in 2021, starting with first phase promotion, sale and construction of single family eco-homes.