Land Trust

GaiaQuest Wilderness Land Trust Program

As part of our mission to save and preserve our planet’s precious resources, GaiaQuest has established a GaiaQuest Wilderness Land Trust Program for the purpose of purchasing private land that needs to be protected as wilderness open space for present and future generations.

GaiaQuest’s first Wildnerness Land Trust Campaign was launched in July 2013. Our first campaign’s goal includes the purchase of approximately 300 acres of important alpine wilderness property, to be acquired in 40 acre blocks.

To learn more about how you, your family or your business can participate and support this important project by making a financial contribution or by making a match fund contribution, please contact GaiaQuest’s Managing Director, John Halley.

GaiaQuest Center For Global Health & Well-Being
John Halley, GaiaQuest’s Managing Director
Telephone: 505.231.1454