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Donate: Support GaiaQuest by making a Donation

Our non-profit GaiaQuest Center for Global Health and Well-Being and especially our GaiaQuest Programs are made possible by generous donations provided by private and business benefactors. Presently, GaiaQuest offers three donation programs to choose from:

        • GaiaQuest Center for Global Health and Well-Being
        • GaiaQuest Programs
        • GaiaQuest Land Trust

Your support helps ensure the future of GaiaQuest, our eco-communities, our programs, Wilderness Preservation and most importantly sustainable Global Health & Well-Being for future generations. Your gift can really make a difference!

For more information about GaiaQuest’s donation programs and how you can make a donation, please contact GaiaQuest at our Taos Headquarters.

GaiaQuest Center For Global Health & Well-Being
Telephone: 505.231.1454

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