Aldea Eco-Community Permaculture Class

Aldea Eco-Community Permaculture Class

Welcome to the online classroom for GaiaQuest’s “Aldea Eco-Community Permaculture Class”.

This class has ended with 12 Aldea Residents completing the Permaculture course work that ended in late July 2014.

If you have any questions about the course, please email them directly to me at:

Many thanks to everyone who signed up for this class. I have enjoyed sharing this experience with you.

Best regards,
John Halley
GQ-Aldea ECP Class Instructor
GaiaQuest Center for Global Health and Well-Being
Tel: 505.231.1454

Online classroom for GaiaQuest’s “Aldea Eco-Community Permaculture Class”.

Aldea Eco-Community Permaculture ClassOnline Class Video Lectures

We are presently sharing video lectures for Chapters 1, 2 & 3 at the first three links listed below, plus the introductory videos located at Geoff Lawton’s website (


The course covered the following topics with videos, that are no longer available to view online.

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Permaculture
  • Chapter 2 Concepts & Themes in Design
  • Chapter 3 Method of Design
  • Chapter 4 Pattern Understanding
  • Chapter 5 Climate Factors
  • Chapter 6 Trees & Their Energy Transactions
  • Chapter 7 Water
  • Chapter 8 Soils
  • Chapter 9 Earth Works & Earth Resources
  • Chapter 10 Climate Design 
  • Week 10 Eco-Community Planning & Design Charrette Begins
  • Week 11 Bonus Class: Aquaponics & Community