Santa Fe Center – Aldea

Santa Fe Center - Aldea

Aldea Center in Santa Fe

Aldea de Santa Fe (Aldea) is a very unique pedestrian oriented new urbanist village, master planned to become a vibrant mixed-use community with a commercial village center plaza surrounded by a quaint walkable neighborhood of 476 homes within 345 acres of beautiful pinon juniper forest and related ecosystems. 205 acres are dedicated as permanent open space. Aldea commercial opportunities include 185,000 square feet of commercial uses and approximately 70,000 square feet of institutional uses. GaiaQuest founders have been involved with Aldea’s development since it was first approved for development at the end of 2000. Our headquarters and phase one center are located on the west side of Aldea’s beautiful commercial plaza. 

Eco-Community Permaculture Initiative

Years ago, the founders of non-profit GaiaQuest started an an Eco-Community Permaculture Initiative in Santa Fe. The primary mission and purpose of this initiative centers on guiding Aldea to become regeneratively sustainable, as a New Urbanist Eco-Community with enduring community health, prosperity, value and well-being. This section of our website has been created to introduce Permaculture Initiative by providing helpful information and resources. 


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